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The Chicken Challenge!

Our tribe needs your help. Typically a cattle culture, our Maasai have been having a tough time with only cattle to rely upon. When we asked them for a longer-term solution, they told us that they should diversify. "Brilliant!!", we thought, and so we are now on a quest to make this a reality.

With 500 chickens, our tribe will be able to sell about $50 per day of eggs. That, in turn, creates a sustainability situation right away, as this should exceed Leganishu's needs. You can help by committing to giving a number of chickens. Simply contact jason@28page.com and let him know how many chickens you want to give at $6/each. (That price includes the amount needed to build a coop and get everything going ... the chickens themselves are a bit less than that.) The Chicken Challenge is scheduled to end by the Fourth of July ... so please contact Jason right away!

Also important ... we'd like to purchase 10 acres of land for our Maasai tribe. At $350 per acre, this land adjacent to our village will only be available once, and so this is an urgent cause. If you're able, please considering assisting us in getting to the 10 acre goal!

Donate Livestock

Contact me if you are interested in donating livestock.